Civil Rights



To guarantee equal treatment to all employees, aspiring employees, visitors and beneficiaries of the programs of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) and the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA); that no rights are denied by means of race, color, religion, gender (including equal pay for equal work), gender identity, genetic information, pregnancy, real or perceived sexual orientation, national origin, age, social condition, political ideas, serological status, veteran condition, for being a victim or perceived victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or any irrelevant impediment of the requirements of an occupation.

Contract Compliance
Title VI and Americans with Disabilities Act
Disadvantage Business Enterprise
Equal Employment Opportunity
On the Job Training

Implicación del Hostigamiento Sexual en el Trabajo (Only Spanish)
Manual de Recomendaciones para llevar a cabo una Investigación Interna en casos de Discrimen, incluyendo Hostigamiento Sexual (para Directores o Supervisores) (Only Spanish)

Equal Opportunity
Igualdad De Oportunidad de Empleo para Jóvenes (Only Spanish)
Contra el Hostigamiento Sexual (Only Spanish)
Your Rights under Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964
Ley 212 – Ley para garantizar la igualdad de oportunidades en el empleo por género (Only Spanish)


DBE Goal 2024 – 2026 (FHWA)
DBE Goal 2023-2025 (FTA)

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